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Community Development

The NNPC, as a responsible Corporate citizen engages in sustainable community development in joint venture partnership with the International Oil Companies (IOC’s) in the oil producing Communities in the Niger Delta. The objective of this engagement is to impact positively on the lives of the people and the environment in which we operate.

Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) operates in Kwale community; hence, NAPIMS Public Affairs Department (PAD) delegation, led by the Manager, Mr. Kenny Obateru, visited and ascertained the level of community development and status of community projects in Kwale oil producing community in the Niger Delta that have been impacted by the JV Gas Operation.

The Kwale/Okpai Gas Plant started on stream production in 1987. Current production is 17,500 bpd of oil and 130,000,000 mscf of gas. The oil production per day is about 9,400 bpd while the gas production per day is about 128,000,000scf. Presently Kwale/Okpai has 8 host communities. The host communities are: Oleh, Irri, Idheze, Kwale, Beneku, Aboh, Abalagada, and Okpa. However, these communities, although located around the Independent Power Plant Project (IPP) are not benefitting from the Electricity from the Gas plant, it goes directly to the National Grid through the Onitsha power line and distributed appropriately by the Federal Government.

You may click the images below, to see the Community Development Projects at some host communities of Kwale.



Two (2) Blocks of Six (6) Classrooms each, at GSS, Umusadege


Two (2) Blocks of Six (6) Classrooms each, at Utagbaogbe Grammar School, Umusadege


Beneku Craft Centre


Idheze Town Hall


Irri Health Centre- Doctors/Nurses Accommodation


Irri Health Centre - Main Building


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