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(L-R): Former GGM, NAPIMS, Engr. Morrison Fiddi & former
GGM/TA to HMPR, Mr. F. Pepple exchaning pleasantries
at the Ikoyi Golf Arena

As early as six thirty in the morning, the Ikoyi club 1938 Golf section was already a hub of activities. Golf enthusiasts and players jostled to pair up in fours to tee off for the third edition of the annual Golf Kitty sponsored by the National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS) the investment arm of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

The players came from all walks of life particularly from the Oil & Gas Industry. Others came from the Diplomatic corps, the business group, the military, the private and the public sectors.

The weather was excellent for the day’s game. First, they signed up for the tournament. However, it was not until Dr. Peter Nmadu, NNPC Board member and former Group Executive Director, Corporate Services, teed off that the competition officially kicked off.

The competition was for both male and female golfers. The players were paired up in group of four. Some groups were made up of men only while other groups were all female. Some of the groups were a mix of both sexes.

Indeed, it was a beautiful sight to behold as the players enthusiastically competed in the spirit of sportsmanship, comradeship and for the fun of it. They walked through the lush green tuff of eighteen holes golf course, playing what they called the gentleman and woman’s game. They competed to out play each other on the well-manicured golf course. Mr. Meka Olowola, a public relations expert says he has been able to make few friends in the course of playing the day’s game.

Indeed, it is a game without umpire and no regulator yet, it is good for the mind and body says Dr. Peter Nmadu who is also a medical doctor. Mr. Morrison Fiddi, former GGM NAPIMS and the initiator of the NAPIMS END OF YEAR GOLF KITTY and a golfer himself also, affirms Dr. Nmadu’s view.

At the end, it was all smiles as some came out winners, while others were happy having participated. The NAPIMS sponsored End of the Year Golf Kitty players and the leadership of Ikoyi club 1938 golf section say it’s the richest in the country’s golf sport and that is the reason many players from different parts of the country and all walks of life want to participate.

Mr. Gabriel Obando, the General Manager, Corporate Services, Brass LNG, though not a golfer had attended the two previous editions of the tournament in solidarity with NAPIMS. He was very pleased with what he saw.

Dr. Kennie Obateru, Manager, Public Affairs Division, NAPIMS said the enthusiasm the third edition of the game generated is a clear indication of its acceptance by the golfing community as well as meeting the set goals of NAPIMS’ Management. This was re-affirmed to be true by Mr. Ted Iwere, the Captain of the Ikoyi Club Golf Section when he said in his welcome address during the dinner “…It is reassuring to watch the NAPIMS Kitty as it is vigorously reinforcing its stake to the admirable position of becoming a reliable and enduring event in the December to December programme of golf section…”
{L-R): Manager, PAD, Dr. K. Obateru, MD, SNEPCO,
Mr. Tony Attah, former GED CS & NNPC Board Member,
Dr. P. S. Nmadu and Ex-GGM/TA to HMPR, Mr. F. Pepple

As this year’s End of the Year golf tournament came to a close at about 4 O’clock in the afternoon, the award and send forth ceremony began in earnest.

It was an assemblage of the cream de’ la cream of the society. The staff of NAPIMS and the members of Ikoyi Club 1938 Golf Section turned out in large number. Mr. Tony Atta, the Managing Director,
SNEPCO was also in attendance.

The atmosphere was filled with cordiality as people interacted and exchanged pleasantries and the music and dance troupe went on to entertain the guests.

Dr. Mazadu Bako, the General Manager, Frontier Exploration, NAPIMS who represented the Group General Manager, NAPIMS said that this year’s Golf Kitty was very special as aside from hosting the tournament and award night, NAPIMS decided to use the platform to honour three of its distinguished retirees who have over the years made immense contributions to the growth and sustenance of the Nigeria’s biggest company, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

Dr. Mazadu Bako who was excited with the level of enthusiasm exhibited by golfers also gave NAPIMS commitment to continue with the sponsorship of the tournament.

The captain, Ikoyi club 1938 Golf Section Mr. Ted Iwere who while thanking NAPIMS for the sponsorship of the Kitty, called on other corporate organizations to emulate what NAPIMS has done and sponsor golf programmes in the country.

When the time for award came, there were different categories to be won. The originator of the NAPIMS End of the Year Kitty, Mr. Morrison Fiddi was among the winners.

However, while Mrs. Edna Anakwem won the female’s highest award, the tournament’s highest award went to Mr. Kayode Oguntayo. He received a trophy, a standing ovation and a song…, “Stand Up For The Champion”. It was time to honour the three distinguished retirees of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Though two of them, Mr. Fidel Pepple and Dr. Owolabi Ajibade were in attendance, Engineer Ahmed Shehu was unavoidably absent as he had other engagements to attend to but was represented by his friend Alh. Dahiru Mohamed.

They appreciated their stay with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Indeed, it was a memorable day and one of the best outings in the annals of Ikoyi Club 1938 Golf Section. It was a day to remember and cherish by both the NNPC/NAPIMS retirees and their families.

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