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The Bonga Northwest Project execution duration was about forty-three (43) months, culminating in streaming-on the 1st subsea well and achievement of first oil on 3rd August, 2014 with about 15kbopd and now currently producing at about 31kbopd from two (2) producer wells. A gradual oil production ramp up is expected until a peak production of about 50kbopd is reached.

Bonga Northwest Field in OML 118 is located Offshore Nigeria, in water depths ranging between 1100 & 1300 meters. The estimated recoverable oil reserve is about 139 Million barrels while that of
Gas (AG) is about 0.83TCF.

The Field is operated by Shell Nigeria Exploration & Production Company Limited (SNEPCO) (55% equity) in Co-venture partnership with Exxon Mobil (20% equity), Total (12.5% equity) and NAE (12.5% equity).

The Bonga Northwest Field Development Project comprised of a subsea tieback of wells and associated infrastructure to existing 225kbopd capacity spread-moored Bonga Main FPSO, which has been producing since 25th November, 2005.

Additional infrastructure was added to the existing Bonga main infrastructures mainly through the following major contracts:

1. Design, Manufacture and Installation Support of Subsea Equipment (Hardware & Controls):

• Detailed design, manufacture, assembly, testing (works & site); transportation to Nigeria and installation support of 2 subsea manifolds, suction piles, 1 crossover module, 10 subsea tree systems, controls and subsea distribution hardware (including umbilical terminations and delivery to umbilical supplier), joint installation & hook-up with topsides contractor of topside subsea production control systems and offshore commissioning of topside subsea production controls.

2. EPC of Topsides Modification:

• Topsides modifications involving detailed design, procurement, installation and commissioning of all equipment installed on the Bonga Main FPSO, including tie-in to the FPSO Distributed Control System (DCS) and subsea control equipment, Fabrication of skids for Methanol and Corrosion Inhibitor Pumps and their offshore installation, piping network etc.

3. Design, Manufacture and Installation Support of Subsea Umbilicals:

• Detailed design, manufacture, assembly and testing (EFAT & FAT) of 23km of umbilical including installation support of the umbilical.

4. Fabrication of Flow lines and Provision of Offshore Installation Services:

• Detailed design, construction engineering, procurement and fabrication (EFAT & FAT) of sleds, production flowlines, flowline jumpers, water injection flowlines (39km)

• Transportation, expediting & importation of the umbilical

• Transportation to Nigeria/ offshore site, installation & hook-up of manifolds (including controls), umbilical, subsea distribution, sleds, production flowlines, flowline jumpers, water injection flowlines.

• Pre-commissioning of umbilical, subsea distribution, sleds, production flowlines, flowline jumpers, water injection flowlines.

5. Procurement of Line Pipes:

• Manufacture of line pipes to deepwater application specifications, inspection, transportation and delivery duty paid (DDP) of pipes for flowlines to PCN fabrication yard location in Onne Nigeria.

6. Inspection & Verification Services:

• The provision of inspection, verification and monitoring services for quality assurance/ quality control on the project with specialist support for deepwater certification and qualification.

7. Procurement of Methanol & Corrosion Inhibition Pumps:

• Procurement and delivery to Nigeria of High Rate Methanol and Corrosion Inhibitor Pumps as currently installed on the Bonga FPSO.

Bonga Northwest Field Development Project was launched in 2005 with the approval of the Field Development Plan (FDP), this was followed by the approval of contracting strategy in 2006 and receipt of NNPC Board approval of all major EPC contracts between 2009 & 2010.

The EPC contract for the FPSO Topsides Modification was awarded after a competitive tender to Weltek Nigeria Limited (a wholly indigenous company and 1st to be entrusted with such high responsibility deep offshore), Saipem was awarded the EPC contract for the Fabrication of Flowlines & Risers and Offshore Installation Services, FMC was awarded the EPC contract for the Subsea Equipment, Aker Solutions was awarded the EPC contract Subsea Umbilicals, Two (2) indigenous companies, Fiddil and Delight both Supplied the Line Pipes, Two (2) other indigenous companies, Manchyke and Athantic, supplied the corrosion inhibitor and methanol inhibitor pumps respectively while three (3) indigenous companies Elper, Baklang and IESL provided the 3rd party QA/QC inspectors.

Sedco 703 and Deepwater Discovery Rigs are drilling the Bonga Northwest wells (2 out of 9 wells have been drilled and completed).

Significant Nigerian Content was achieved on Bonga Northwest Project such as fabrication and offshore integration of new control room building to existing DCS and subsea equipment controls, pump skids and interconnecting piping (1st to be done offshore on FPSO by Nigerian company {Weltek}), provision and installation of 1st precision boring machine for subsea equipment in Nigeria by FMC Technologies, fabrication of flowlines, fabrication of manifolds, suction piles, subsea tree assemblies, HCD Training for Nigerians etc.

The Multi-billion Dollar Bonga Northwest FPSO Project adds to our PSC Deepwater asset portfolio in Nigeria to maintain oil production plateau on Bonga Main FPSO and ‘keeping it full’.

The project is indeed a flagship of our PSC deepwater projects as the collaborative effort of NAPIMS/
SNEPCO Project Management Team (PMT) paid off by delivery of the project ahead of schedule, within approved ceiling, at high quality and using only Nigerians in the PMT.

Lessons learnt from this top quartile proactive project management approach would surely be adopted on the next sets of PSC Deepwater Projects to ensure cost-efficient delivery of Egina and Bonga Southwest/ Aparo unit projects.

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