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Olugbenga Abraham with Vice Chancellor

Education is the key to unlocking the potential of the youth and developing their capability for societal relevance. This is one of the reasons the Agbami Co-Venturers are committed to supporting the provision of quality education in partnership with the Government and other stakeholders. The focus of this partnership is to empower the youth for the challenges of the modern world.

The Agbami Medical and Engineering Professionals Scholarship Program (AMEPS) is a merit-based scheme which commenced in 2009 and administered by Star Deep Water Petroleum Limited (A Chevron Company) on behalf of its coventurers in the Agbami Field, including the Nigeria National
Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).


The program is aimed at supporting the development of critical manpower in science and technology. The targets are undergraduate students in Nigerian Universities studying;

• Medical Sciences (Medicine & Surgery, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Science & Nursing)

• Engineering (All fields of Engineering)


To remain a recipient of the scholarship program, an awardee must meet the following criteria;

• Maintain a Grade Point Average of 3.0, or a minimum of a 60% score on their relevant annual grading system must continue to study the course for which the scholarship was initially granted

• Obligatorily submission of annual performance report duly endorsed by the authorized person(s) in their institution as a precondition for receiving the annual grant amongst others

Agbami Partners and Baba Ikazobor, Dragnet Director with First Class Graduates

Scholarship Impac

• 14,367 Scholarships awarded since 2009

• 453 Second Class Upper Niger Delta Engineering Awardees expected in 2014

• 96 Awardees presently on First Class and expected to start graduating in 2014

• $31,876,202.53 paid as scholarship grants 2009-2014


The life cycle of the Agbami Medical and Engineering Professionals Scholarship Program will terminate in 2017 for new intakes going by the approved five (5) years strategic plan for Deepwater Social Investment.

The scholarship scheme peaked in 2013 with a target of 3,924 potential awardees. The program is declining by 50% based on the previous year’s intake. We awarded grants to 1,962 candidates in 2014 and project to award 981 to potential awardees in 2015 which represents 50% of 2014 intake.


We have a robust Monitoring and Evaluation process in place which continually tracks awardees performance pre-graduation and post-graduation to ensure that the program achieves its set objective of developing critical manpower for the Nation.

It’s in the light of the above that the partners converge in University of Ibadan to celebrate the graduation of four beneficiaries of the Agbami Scholarship Scheme that graduated with a first class degree honors and twelve other scholars with second class upper honors .

Please see the report of the convocation ceremony of the University of Ibadan where some of our awardees were celebrated.

In what appears to be a strong testimonial to the impact the Agbami Medical and Engineering Professionals Scholarship Programme (AMEPS) is making in promoting the quality of education in the country, four beneficiaries of the award were recently celebrated among the high fliers at the convocation ceremony of the University of Ibadan as they emerged with First Class honours in their different disciplines. 12 other AMEPS beneficiaries also graduated with second class honors upper division.

Olugbenga Abraham who was the only graduating student with a first class in Pharmacology was effusive in his gratitude to Star Deep Water and the other Agbami partners for the scholarship award which he said made life easier for him as an undergraduate. “I feel awesome, I did it! This milestone could not have been achieved without the Agbami scholarship”.

He added: “The scholarship helped me both financially and emotionally. Pharmacology is a course which requires a huge amount of financial obligation from laboratory coats to laptops, laboratory tests etc. And by not worrying about my finances, I was able to focus on my studies” Olugbenga, whose future plans included a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, spared no words in thanking his sponsors for giving him the encouragement he needed to succeed: “Agbami partners have done very well in helping people like me, people who are eager to learn, but are financially unstable… initially because of the financial pressures I almost quit, I hope they continue to touch lives, and help people achieve their dreams”

Beneficiaries celebrating…

Toluwalase Fosudo, a First Class graduate of Mechanical Engineering with a passion for Science also expressed his gratitude to the Agbami Partners for their presence at his graduation, and the love and support;

“Agbami, please keep up the good work, I don’t know if I would have been able to do it without you, but I did it with you,”.

For Ms. Isioma Diji, who graduated with a degree in Medicine and Surgery, said she felt empowered like she had ‘the keys to the bigger world’. “Without the Agbami Scholarship, my story will not be complete… my course (Medicine) is financially demanding so I was able to focus on my studies and not finances which I am grateful for”. Ms. Diji, who already has an internship offer from the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), also plans to go for a Master’s degree in Child and Adolescence Mental Health.

The highpoint of the two- pronged event was the mentoring Agbami Partners gave to their graduates aimed at encouraging and advising them based on their future pursuits.

The Agbami Medical and Engineering Professionals Scholarship Programme is a meritbased scheme which commenced in 2009, and is administered by Star Deep Water Petroleum Limited, (a Chevron Corporation affiliate). The programme is aimed at supporting the development of critical manpower in science and technology. The targets are undergraduates in Nigerian Universities studying Medical Sciences and Engineering.

Star Deep Water Petroleum Limited is the operator of the Agbami Field. Other participants are Famfa Oil Limited, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Statoil Nigeria Limited and Petroleo Brasileiro Nigeria Limited.

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