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A BRAND NEW ADEYEMI LAWSON OFFICE COMPLEX By: Ogbonnaya A. Kalu & David Olurunleke

The New Adeyemi Lawson Office Complex

The Adeyemi Lawson complex has been transformed into a brand new office complex. The edifice has been lying in dilapidated state after the movement of the NAPIMS GAS division from the building some few years back.

Aside from the security that maintained a routine surveillance on the property, the major occupants of the building were giant rodents, reptiles and motley of other insects.

Nobody gave any serious thought on the building until the Downstream Retail Division and Upstream Crude Oil Marketing came calling for accommodation at the NAPIMS office complex on Gerard Road. Their arrival compounded the serious accommodation challenge which NAPIMS has been grappling with over the years.

There was also the need to provide offices for respective in-house unions, as well as a Library and a training room for NAPIMS HR Training Unit. All this combined to mount pressure on NAPIMS Management so, the quest for expansion became more urgent.

The Services Division and Admin Services Department in particular, whose responsibility it is to provide accommodation took up the challenge very seriously and at the end, it was decided that the abandoned Adeyemi Lawson office complex should be renovated.

The leadership of Engr. J. K. Okehs FNSChE was very swift about this and within nine months record time, a brand new office complex has metamorphosed on No:1A, Adeyemi Lawson Street, Ikoyi.
NAPIMS NEWS visited the refurbished complex and was amazed at the transformation that has taken place there.

In our interaction with the occupants of the new complex, this was what they had to say.
Mr. Usifo Kennedy, Mgr. COMD, Lagos zone.

NAPIMS NEWS: Sir, how do you feel in your new Adeyemi Lawson office?
Mr. Usifo: It is a beautiful place and befitting of NNPC and NAPIMS. We are grateful to the powers that be to have graciously allocated this wonderful place to Crude Oil Marketing Division (COMD).

NN: How was it before now?

ANS: Honestly, I wasn’t here then, we were in 36, Gerard Road on the fourth floor climbing the staircase. But here we have a new lease of life and we are very grateful to NAPIMS Management for a job well done. We sincerely thank the GGM NAPIMS, Engr. Jonathan K. Okehs, the GM services and the Mgr. Admin services and all other staffs of that department for a job well done.

NN: How do you compare facilities here with the ones you have enjoyed on the other side?

ANS: When we remember where we were coming from as regards the parking space, we can only say it cannot be better than this. Water, power, security etc. all at its best.

Mr. Daniel Dikko who heads the Retail Business in the southwest Region (Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo and Ekiti States) occupies a spacious and palatable office on the ground floor. He reacted this way to questions fielded to him by NAPIMS NEWS.

NN: Sir, happy to meet you here, how do you feel in the new office?

Mr. Dikko: The new Adeyemi Lawson office complex is a very good, convenient and comfortable office compared to where we are coming from.

NN: How was it where you are coming from?

Ans: We were on 36, Gerard Road on the 7th floor flat “D”. Apart from the constraint of adequate office accommodation, parking space was also a distressing issue.

NN: How do you compare what you have now with what you had then?

Ans: Here, we are well accommodated. Everything here is working in good condition, parking space is enough for the number of staff we have here. The initial issues of water and plumbing cases were promptly addressed by Admin services Department.

NN: Given the comfort you enjoy here, how do you wish to commend NAPIMS Management who made this possible?

Ans: On behalf of myself and the Retail staff in the south west regional office, I wish to heartily commend the visionary NAPIMS Management, ably led by the GGM, Engr. J. K. Okehs, FNSChE. They have been wonderful and very pro-active, making our working environment very conducive. I pray the good Lord continue to empower them to do more.

NN: Thank you for your time.

Ans: You are welcome.

NAPIMS NEWS also visited the GM Services, Mr. Abubakar N. Mohammed who heads the Services Division that executed the feat. The interaction went like this:

NN: Sir, we are here to congratulate you on the extra-ordinary transformation we saw at the new Adeyemi Lawson office complex. How was this feat accomplished?

Ans: Well, first of all it’s something that I met on ground. When I reported here, the job had gone eighty percent (80%) near completion and most of the hard works had been completed before I resumed office here in NAPIMS. But you asked how the feat was achieved, in simple words; it took dedication, hard work and perseverance of the staff charged with the responsibilities of delivering the project. And the staff we are talking about here are the staff of Admin Department, so, kudos to Mrs. Okonkwo and her team. She has done a great deal in terms of ensuring that the project pulls off as scheduled. She assured me that we will deliver. She kept mounting pressure on the contractors putting them on their toes and so credit really goes to the Admin team led by Mrs. Okonkwo and her people.

NN: Sir, Admin Services Department has done a great job here and we must say that this feat was achieved under your guidance. But this feat has not entirely eliminated the accommodation constraints. Are there plans to replicate the Adeyemi Lawson feat in another place in the near future?

Ans: Yes, we have earned ourselves a little breathing space since we relocated COMD & Retail Divisions to the new Adeyemi Lawson office but that still has not removed the entire problem of office accommodation from this complex. We are looking at the possibility of developing our car park complex as an office building with parking spaces embedded inside the structure. That’s a long term goal anyway.

NN: Thank you sir, yes with the global crash in crude oil price, budgets are definitely under serious slash. However, has any underground work started on this?

Ans: Yes, we have asked a surveyor to come and look at the place; we invited a complex architect to present us a modern drawing for the structure. About four to five of them came, they did their presentation for us here and we also had the construction team that listened to the presentation. The construction team were made up of our own Services staff and engineers and they went back to evaluate the presentations and made a recommendation for those of them who should be invited to come and present to MEXCOM. It is based on that we invited them again, another four of them came and made their presentation to MEXCOM and based on that, one of them was chosen to present the model and that has been done by him.

After all the necessary rigours, because of the amount involved, it will be taken to the GEC NNPC for consideration and approval.

NN: The media crew of NN wishes you and the entire NAPIMS Management success in this laudable vision and respectfully ask that when next we come calling as it happened today, you will spare us some time from your busy schedule.

Ans: You are invited anytime.

NN: Thank you very much sir.

From here, we went to meet with the lady of wit, the Amazon of Admin Services Department, Mrs. Philomena Okonkwo, Manager. Admin Services, NAPIMS. She warmly welcomes us and our interaction ran thus;

Mgr. COMD, Messrs Usifo Kennedy (left) and Head, NNPC Retail Division (South West Region), Dikko Daniel (right) posing in front of the New Office Complex

NN: Madam, we have been to Adeyemi Lawson office complex and we were amazed at the transformation that took place there within a split of a second as it were… Please, may we know this Amazon that crafted this feat?

Ans: (Betraying a voluptuous smile that wells up from a sense of great accomplishment, she replied in a rather calm and confident tone). Well, I’m Mrs. Philo Okonkwo, the Mgr. in-charge of administration in NAPIMS. Prior to this time, I was in Public Affairs and I came here in April, 2013. Ever since then, its being a very huge challenge working in this department and you know that Admin Services is an embodiment of making this place a better place to work in; providing a conducive environment for Management and Staff. It is a Service Department and ours is to ensure that we add value to the system because we believe that providing a good work tools for staff definitely will give all the necessary assistance for us to achieve and add value to the system and effectively key into the overall NNPC Corporate goal.

NN: Talking about the provision of adequate working environment to enable staff add value to their work, what were the challenges you had to surmount in reinventing Adeyemi Lawson office complex from what it was before to what it is now?

Ans: You will recall that after the renovation of the Gerard Road office complex, various Divisions moved in here, later on Gas Division joined from Adeyemi Lawson then, Crude Oil marketing Division, followed by the Downstream Retail Oil Marketing Division. Our facilities here were stretched and we needed to do something quick to fix the problem. So, we needed to revamp our property in Adeyemi Lawson which is close to us here.

Due to the massive work to be done, we had to go for a very good architectural firm and then, the builder who went ahead and did a marvelous job together with our own input and strict supervision, the complex was transformed to what it is today.

As soon as the project was completed, we moved in Retail and COMD whose activities do not really have any direct relationship with NAPIMS. After a while, we also moved in the HR training unit, the Library is also there and we also provided offices for the two in-house unions. I’m most happy about the training room we provided for HR. Looking back now and then, considering the fact that the corporation is trying to cut cost on training locations, we are going to find that place very useful.

Other units have indicated interest to key into that facility and you must not forget that it is a new and beautiful edifice. We also have a beautiful and well equipped canteen facility. It is an enclosure and all-encompassing project we have there, so everything is complete.

NN: In terms of funding, how were you able to gain Management co-operation in terms of timely approvals and secondly, was the project delivered within budgeted time?

Ans: Well, you must know that Adeyemi Lawson office complex was a Management initiative. For the records, this must be stated categorically. While we bask on the achievement, we must acknowledge that Management was very concerned about staff accommodation and due planning was made and that included budget provisions. So, throughout the duration of the project which was about nine months, we hadn’t problem of fund. But Management kept tab on Admin to deliver and we were doing strict supervision of the work to ensure that quality control standards, both in materials and services, were strictly complied with. At the end, we had that twin building and you can see that it’s a beautiful edifice.

I’m proud of what the builders achieved out there.

NN: Thanks so much, we share this joy with you, but having achieved this, we still cannot say that accommodation challenges have been solved in its entirety in NAPIMS. So are there plans to further the easement of the accommodation problems in NAPIMS?

Ans: Management is looking into that. As soon as headway is made towards that, we will all know.

NN: Thank you very much for your time ma.

Ans: You are welcome.

We wish to congratulate the visionary top Management of NAPIMS, ably led by the astute Group General Manager, Engr. J.K. Okehs FNSChE; the GM, Services Division, Mr. A.N. Mohammed; the Manager Admin Services Mr. Philo Okonkwo and their wonderful team whose dedication and sense of purpose bequeathed NAPIMS this befitting edifice that every staff is proud of. We say more power to your elbow.

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