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FROM THE EDITOR (Ogbonnaya A. Kalu)

Ogbonnaya A. Kalu

Dear Esteemed Reader,

It is my joy to welcome you to the first quarter 2015 edition of your ever informative and engaging NAPIMS NEWS.

I wish to thank you all, our readers and contributors, for your devotion and continuous patronage over the years; as I look forward to a stronger and more robust synergy in our collective efforts toward moving our darling NAPIMS NEWS to higher heights.

In this edition, we bring to you issues of concern that engaged the minds of conference participants in the recent Nigerian Oil & Gas International Conference (NOG 15) held in Abuja.
An ex-Minister takes a glimpse into the future of the Nation’s Oil & Gas industry as friends of Chief F.R.A. Marinho, the octogenarian pioneer Group Managing Director (GMD), NNPC, organised a symposium in his honour.

We celebrate here the magical transformation of the Adeyemi Lawson building into a model office complex.

Austere times call for serious cost management; a brilliant Auditor, Mr. Bappah Mohammed, dissects “the Anatomy of Common Cost Management”.

We also have “Useful Apps for the Working Mother”, by Mrs. Esele Usiholo.

Read the engaging story of our Community Relations activities as reported by the insightful and incisive Ahmed Abdullahi of the Public Affairs Dept.

Our Photo News and Social Diary are delightsome while we continue some of the other stories that have been running from previous editions.

Just relax and treat yourself to this refreshing first quarter package.

Happy Reading!!!


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