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History Of NipeX

The NipeX Solution was built to address the industry’s Contract processing challenges e.g. Lengthy turnaround time; Low Nigerian Content; predominantly manual efforts with several non value added tasks.

The Solution delivers an electronic marketplace with integration to a JQS database that facilitates end-to-end supplier selection, contract processing and approval processes between the IOCs (International Oil Companies) and NNPC.  

NipeX is set-up to enable NNPC improve on its contract processing functions. NNPC decided in 2004 to develop an electronic marketplace which will facilitate contract approvals and supplier selection.

NipeX Operations – JQS & eMarketplace

The NipeX system is composed of two web-based applications that  facilitate Supplier selection and contract approval process - JQS, and eMarketplace.

Supplier Pre-qualification Process - Past Procedure Vs NipeX Approach

Old Process


NipeX Process



In: Contract Opportunities


Out: Supplier Data




In: Services Offered


Out: Contract Info

NipeX will increase efficiency, reduce contract processing cycle time and improve transparency in the Oil & Gas Industry

NipeX will deliver significant value to all stakeholders in the Upstream Oil and Gas industry

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